Bayer - Light Painting For The Guests

As requested by the client, the guests of this event had the opportunity to take part of a light painting photo shooting.

The guests would go inside the dark room and pick a light, then draw random shapes or names right in front of the camera, the result was these photos with cool efects that put a big smile on the guests faces.

IVE School Visit

"BA (Hons) in Advertising | Master Lecture

Invited by IVE to share the working process for event video shooting and TVC production, to give them an idea about the use of Multimedia in real working environment.

Light Painting

1- Get some focus Set up the camera and shine a light source on the main subject so you can focus the camera. Use Live View to help you focus accurately.

2- Take a test exposure Try shooting at f/5.6 for 30 secs at ISO800. If more ambient light is needed, increase the ISO to increase the sensitivity, or set the camera to Bulb mode. If less ambient light is needed, set a narrower aperture. Do not decrease the shutter speed.

3- Start painting Now you can experiment with torch light. Try to avoid painting from behind the camera; light the scene from the side and the subject will have more definition. Experiment with angles and colours (if possible).

4- Take your shot Once you’re happy with your 
light source, press the shutter release and then paint your subject until you hear the shutter close again. Keep an even flow with the torch, making sure the light source moves at all times to avoid excessive light on one spot.

5- Review the results Examine the image for sharpness and focus. It’s all too easy to forget to check images for quality when you get caught up in the excitement of painting. Check the histogram as well as the image, as this will give a clearer idea of how accurate the exposure is.

CLP Making Of

This was one of our tighter deadline shoots, where we had to quickly prepare ourselves for a last minute photo shoot request. Fortunately we have an in-house photo shoot studio and team that are flexible enough to cope and deal with such tight deadlines.

Office Glass Stickers

"As the glass is a dominant element in our new office decor, the task was to make use of it in a way that reflects our philosophy and way of thinking.
So, our Design team came up with the stickers concept, which was to show, step by step, how projects are done from inception to execution through different stickers all around the office."

Cubes Stop Motion Testing

"Stop Motion Animation requires a lot of preparation and strenuous testing. Our company mission is to 'think big', so for this project we used cubes to build a ""THINK BIG"" logo. The challenge was finding an original material that can be used to fill these cubes and give them the necessary 3D shadings. Different lightings and papers were used during the testing."

Beginning process of ahBIG Doll

"For our 1st year anniversary, we are organizing a Cocktail party and wanted to have a special limited edition Doll made for our guests. The model layout was done with 3D modeling software and sent the blueprint to create the first mockup."

Students Visit From Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service

"Today, students from ""Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service"" came to Bighead for an introduction into the media industry. After a brief company introduction the students assisted in a video editing session and a brief tutorial about the process of design & motion graphics. We aimed to help them to THINK BIG at a younger age.
This was important for the studentsthey need to consider their their career path in the near future."

Our Gate - From Kwun Tong to Fo Tan

"In Kwun Tong, we had a lockable front gate tailor made specifically for Bighead - this alluminium gate has been a tradition for many shops in Hong Kong in the past.
Today, we have kept and moved the same gate over to our Fo Tan office to keep with long lasting traditions and values."